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Events: Photo-Op Murals and Live Painting

Murals spark engagement at events.

Photo-op murals are a great way to market your event by having attendants tag your mural for social media. Logos and information can be added to the mural organically, while having an attention grabbing image that sparks engagement with the attendants. These murals can be painted on wood panels or removable canvas, making them great for transportation or storage for future events.

Live-painting is also a great way to engage with your attendants. It’s a unique way to entertain your guests. People love watching the art process and it will bring that exciting creative energy to your event. These murals can also be painted on stretched canvas, raffled off, or displayed at the venue. Feel free to request the medium used.

I painted a 36'x36' mural for Art Basel 2023 in Wynwood-Miami, FL (invited by Awall Murals). I have done live-painting for Wawa Welcome America and created a photo-op mural for the Roots Picnic Festival. I live-painted a large mural for the TRFE festival at Cherry Street Pier which was then used for the closing event as a stage backdrop.

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