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Interior and Exterior Murals

Interior and Exterior murals can be painted with spray paint or brush paint.

I primarily use spray paint in my murals to achieve smooth gradients, color blends and saturated colors--especially on exterior walls. Spray paint is the best tool for covering textured walls. With it you can create murals faster and more efficiently. I use high quality spray paint that is UV resistant to ensure its vibrancy over the years. If you are concerned about fading due to being in direct sunlight or being vandalized, ask me about special coatings that can be applied after the mural is complete.

For interior walls, I will use spray paint if there is good ventilation and I have client and building approval. If brush paint is a better option, I will use that process instead. All floors and surrounding windows or walls will be taped off and/or covered with protective plastic coating.

If painting cannot be done on site but you would still love a mural, feel free to contact me about another mural option called parachute cloth or polytab method. This involves painting on thin canvas-like sheets at my studio and later installing with gel onto the exterior or interior wall.

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